Port for Android and iOS
Gravity Defied is an iconic trial racing mobile game. It was originally developed by Codebrew Software in 2004 for J2ME platform.
Codebrew has launched an Android version of the game in 2012, though it was totally remade. We are the ones who like classic version of Gravity Defied more, so we ported it to Android and iOS almost unchanged!
Gravity Defied Classic (as we've named our port) includes all features of the original Gravity Defied. In addition, we have collected more than 1000 levels mods made by fans since 2007. You can install any mod and switch between mods directly from the game menu.
Gravity Defied Classic is free and will stay free forever.
We are not associated with Codebrew Software in any fashion. All rights to the original Gravity Defied, it's name, logotype, brand and all that stuff belongs to Codebrew Software.